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      New driving licenses : from cards to mobile driver's licenses, solutions and services

      Identification and accountability for better road safety

      The driver's license is a document with multiple uses. 

      On the road, it gives its holder the right to drive certain vehicles. 

      Very often, it also serves as an identity document, particularly in countries which do not have a national identity card program. This is just one more reason why it has to be highly secure.

      States have more recently developed the international ISO/IEC 18013 standard, which came into force in 2009 and outlines the framework for migration towards a secure, credit card-format document.

      Driving License 

      ?The standard stipulates the use of visual security elements comparable to those used on identity cards and passports. It also lays down a standardized structure for the basic data set (IS0 1813-1).

      The material adopted by Europe is polycarbonate, a durable medium, which is hard to counterfeit.  

      This solution is also more and more selected in North America and around the world.??

      What makes polycarbonate so exceptional?

      What sets it apart from other materials is also its non-delaminable property..

      When laminated under heat and pressure without adhesives, and not mixed with other plastics, the the intertwined layers of polycarbonate make it virtually impossible to swap document information or photos without completely destroying the document. 

      It's the same material used to make bulletproof glass and you can you can hear the difference: polycarbonate driver's licenses are so rigid they sound like a compact disc when dropped.

      Maryland new driver's license?  or Quebec's DL? are good examples of these high tech ID cards.

      A wide range of cards, solutions and services?

      Gemalto offers a wide range of cards, from secure chipless cards to a high security cards with contact and contactless interfaces, as well as comprehensive solutions for driver management and registration, the issuance and checking of documents, in addition to managed services for the issuing of licenses on behalf of Governments, as in Norway.

      With its expertise in polycarbonate and innovative security features, Gemalto is proud to contribute to the new Greek, Norwegian and UK driver'?s license initiatives.

      Several countries have already opted for the credit card format and smart card for their driving license programs by selecting Gemalto as their partner.
      India, Australia,El Salvador and Mexico are just some of Gemalto's customers in this area.

      Enhanced Drivers Licenses

      Enhanced Drivers Licenses or EDLs are driving licenses and identity cards with an embedded RFID chip issued by some US states and Canadian provinces to facilitate and speed up entering the United States by land and sea from neighboring countries. They provide proof of identity and citizenship and are issued after a secure registration process. 

      Border inspection booths equipped with contactless terminals can read the unique identifying number of an EDL over a distance of up to 10 meters. Officers can easily perform a background verification of the card holder approaching the check point even before being shown the physical card for a visual inspections.  

      Marquis ID Systems (MIDS), a Gemalto Company based in Fort Wayne (Indiana) has developed solutions for enhanced drivers licenses from secure enrollment to issuance and document verification for Departments of Motor Vehicles. 

      What is a mobile driving license

      Digital Driver's License

      Today, many government agencies in charge of vehicle reg??istration and driver licensing are investigating a smartphone version of their driver's license. These digital driver's license or mobile driver's license could bring more convenience to citizens and bring new opportunities for transactions that require some form of identification.

      Standards are far from being defined. However, digital driver's licenses can expand rapidly as a companion form of ID to physical driver's licenses.

      ??Gemalto Mobile DL solutions bring technology and implementation models which take into account user-friendliness, the local driver's license schemes and practices (drivers, Police, service providers…), and offer the highest level of security in both credential storage, data transmission and verification.

      In North America, Marquis ID Systems (MIDS), a Gemalto Company, has developed solutions from secure enrollment to issuance and document verification for Departments of Motor Vehicles and is presently working with eleven states. Marquis IS Systems solution for Mobile driver's license is a highly secure way to deliver, store and manage the lifecycle of a driver's license on a smartphone.   

      Want to know more about digital driver's license? visit our web dossier? .

      Digital Tachograph????

      The digital tachograph in Europe is a technical achievement for enhanced road safety in Europe. Learn more about the project and its benefits?.

      Gemalto Tachograph is a complete product offering, designed to meet all the requirements set by EU tachograph regulations. Learn more about our solution??.

      For more than ten years, Gemalto has contributed to nu merous  tachograph card projects that now extend to 34 differen?t countries. The acquisition of Trüb in 2015 brought together the two leading companies offering tachograph card solutions. This long and broad experience ensures smooth running of new tachograph projects and the efficient achievement of mandatory certifications and type approvals.

      Electronic Vehicle Registration Cards (eVRC)

      There is growing interest in the introduction of a highly secure electronic registration document to fight fraud, gain savings by dematerializing processes and bring convenience to government administration, private businesses and citizens with effective e-Services.

      Gemalto Electronic Vehicle Registration cards offer a flexible approach for electronic vehicle registration card and its related use cases from modules to turn-key projects.

      We can offer:

      • Versatile IAS electronic application for secure vehicle data storage and eServices with secure polycarbonate or PET/PVC cards
      • Flexible end-to-end solution: enrolment, issuance, verification, eGovernment infrastructure
      • Managed issuance services to leverage the power of outsourcing

      With Gemalto Electronic Vehicle Registration cards, you can:
      • provide ultimate document security and effectively prevent attempts to modify or change data
      • allow secure identification of the owner
      • facilitate efficient road side checks
      • track the entire life cycle of new and second-hand cars
      • enable smarter management for taxes, insurances and fines


      El Salvador introduc?ed eVehicle registration card in 1998 to streamline and centralize administrative processes as well as to tighten up security in order to fight vehicle theft, illegal importation, identity theft, and to reduce fraud related to counterfeit documents. The smart card solution helped to fully automate procedures and processes for government management of vehicle registration, licensing and tax and fine payments. It also enhanced safety for the general public. Furthermore, it improved the Tax Administration’s ability to collect fees compared to the previous procedures. In the first year of the new service, tax evasion was reduced with a 35 percent annual increase of taxes paid compared to the previous year. The higher rate of collection in the vehicle circulation tax was due to a greater control and ease of payment procedures.

      India implemented an infrastructure that now offers immediate access to information about drivers and their vehicles to police and other authorities. The latest development has been a common layout for eVRC with standard security features for all states (cross-border verification.

      In addition to road safety prevention measures that will leverage applications such as "Point-record driving license" and vehicle control history, Moroccan Ministry of Transport aims to use e-driver's license and vehicle registration cards to provide citizens with a set of services that touch multiple facets of their daily lives.

      ? Morocco’s eDL and eVRC could gather future applications for public transportation, motorways tolls, insurance and tax payments, etc.

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