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      MIM Services

      ?Simplifying M2M Device? Lifecycle Management

      M2M Modules? and IoT devices require dedicated monitoring and management to maintain peak performance throughout the long life of applications. Gemalto's Machine Identification Module (MIM) Services Platform leverages secure software and Over-the-Air services to help MNOs and their customers optimize and manage their deployed assets across their lifespan.

      The Platform enables regular MIM audits and hardware monitoring that detects issues so that adjustments can be made Over The Air to preempt service failure. Audit alerts can be set to indicate each time a device goes below a specific signal strength, or when the operating temperature exceeds Service Level Agreements. The Platform allows service providers and MNOs to make updates as needed to improve quality of service and protect against evolving cyber threats. 

      The MIM Services Platform comes with a complete and reliable API allowing easy integration in service provider vertical applications. It provides all the tools needed to manage deployed MIMs (MIM Audit), to improve security functions that protect against fraud and determine module function (Diagnostics), and?to deploy your own services (services framework).

      MIM Audit

      • Counters on file writes and memory wear
      • Campaigns to retrieve counters
      • Alerts to prempt device end of life

      Anti Fraud

      • Call & SMS barring
      • Device detection and Lock
      • Device Change notification and reports


      • Campaigns or alerts to retrieve key information
      • Location & Signal quality monitoring
      • Remote AT command execution


      • Fleet intelligence for market analysis

      Services Framework

      • Deploy your own business logic on the MIM
      • Easy to use XML based service development language
      • For device, location & security ready to use bricks


      • User Portal
      • Delegate and manage access privileges for your customers

      Web Services

      • Web APIs for all platform features